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    The Heart Sound Recorder is a computer-based low risk general wellness monitor which uses the principles of auscultation to acquire, display, record and save heart sounds.

    The Heart Sound Assistant (HSA) is an easy to navigate software that allows the heart sound recording graphs created by the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) to be analyzed quickly and professionally. It features straightforward access to the 10 Primary Observational Findings as taught in the foundational interpretation of the graphs.

The Principles of the Heart Sound Recorder

Certain types of heart stress can be monitored by visualizing the rate, rhythm and tone of the heart cycle. As a result, the heart’s reaction to certain stressors, i.e. chemical, nutritional and emotional, can be observed using this type of device. The response to informed suggestions can be monitored by observing changes of the frequency, ratio, amplitude and characteristics of the heart’s waveform. Comparison graphs can help determine the effectiveness of actions taken to improve the quality of life.

As with any wellness device, recommendations for lifestyle changes implied by using this technology should be undertaken only with the guidance of a licensed physician, therapist, or holistic healthcare practitioner. The findings from this device can be used to support, but should not be used in place of, sound medical therapies and recommendations.