the Heart Sound Assistant

Main Screen from HSA
HSA Main Screen

The Heart Sound Assistant (HSA) is an easy to navigate software that allows the heart sound recording graphs created by the Heart Sound Recorder (HSR) to be analyzed quickly and professionally. It features straightforward access to the 10 Primary Observational Findings as taught in the foundational interpretation of the graphs. It documents a base line from which the client’s direction of care can be monitored.

The HSA software is compatible with a Personal Computer (PC), 64-bit (most modern computers) running on Windows 7 and higher and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. It uses the PDF output from the HSR and compiles into a digital presentation for accurate prioritization  analysis.

The HSA also creates a comprehensive readout that recommends a protocol of nutritional supplements, an explanation of each product in the protocol and a dosage chart. This can be emailed or printed out as an action guideline for ease of compliance.

The Heart Sound Assistant leases for $25 per month, in 3 month increments.

To get a 14-day free trial, Download the HSA. You must lease to continue using after 14-days.